Fantasy Voyage

Project by Marianne Coble

Students will be introduced to American ‘fantasy’ artist James Christensen. They will learn what it means to create ‘fantasy’ art and they will use their imagination to paint a whimsical ship on a fantasy voyage filled with a variety of passengers and objects using watercolors, colored pencils and chalk pastels on a canvas paper.


Project by Chris Mason

Students will learn about the largest cat species, the Tiger and its distinctive vertical black stripes, whose patterns are unique to each animal. They will learn about symmetry, shapes and the stripes of a tiger while drawing their tiger using oil pastels on a colored construction paper.

Audubon Birds: Flamingo

Project by Jake Tedesco

John James Audubon's book, The Birds of America, is considered to be one of the finest ornithological works in history. With the work and life of Audubon as inspiration and under Jake’s direction, students will create an image of a Flamingo on neutral colored paper. They will explore the use of black charcoal pencils and white chalk pastels, to create shapes and textures, while examining shadows and reflections. Jake will discuss many of the characteristics particular to birds and the usage of light to maximize its dramatic effect.


Project by Robin Sarner

Students will be introduced to artist Georgia O’Keeffe and her flower paintings. They will create an abstract artwork by using images of a flower but focusing only on a portion of the enlarged flower through a viewfinder. They will draw what they see through a viewfinder, creating a larger than life flower using Sharpies, colored tissue paper and glue on a piece of watercolor paper.

Warhol's Colorful cats

Project by Kathy Bauer

Inspired by Andy Warhol’s hand-painted illustrations, this project will introduce students to one of the pioneers of the Pop Art movement with a focus on his early work including his series of cat paintings. Using Warhol’s own signature “blotted line” printing technique, students will trace a photo of a cat, contour the lines of their subject with ink, press onto watercolor paper and fill in the cat with a wash of watercolor paint.

Alebrijes: Art of oaxaca Mexico

Project by Mindy Kirton

This project has been designed to teach students about this colorful and fun art style from Mexican culture and let the students create their own fantastic Alebrije out of colored clay, wood sticks and acrylic paint. The goal is to allow each student to design their own animal after being shown a number of techniques and suggestions for creating the piece and painting them.