NASA & Art of the Cosmos

Project by Kathy Bauer

Students will learn about the NASA Art Program and the importance of the history of space exploration through the eyes of artists, such as Norman Rockwell, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol.   Students will learn about the Hubble Space Telescope and be inspired by the images it captures.  They will create stars, planets, dust clouds, and asteroids using different blending techniques with oil pastels on black paper.


Project by Nan Young

Students will be inspired by the modern and popular artist David Hockney. He is well known for his colorful and expressive landscapes.  Students will learn about abstract landscape painting by creating a sense of space with overlapped shapes in a picture.  They will learn about the rules of simple perspective: objects at the bottom of the page appear closer and larger while objects at the top of the page appear smaller and farther away.  They will paint trees and homes atop of the hills with tempera paint on a block of cut wood.

Manga Art

Project by Ashish Sharma

Students will learn about the history of Manga and its contribution in animation.  This project is inspired by the Japanese anime like Pokémon, YuGiHo, Dragonball, Legend of Zelda, etc.  Students will make their own manga style character by focusing on just the face and its features with emphasis on the expression of the character.  They will draw their own manga style character by expressing their emotions through the use of chalk pastel pencils, HB pencils on bristol vellum paper.

Ansel Adams-Light & Dark

Project by Marianne Coble

With this project, students will be inspired by the works of American photographer Ansel Adams, in particular his black and white landscape photographs of Yosemite and the West.  Students will see the beauty and drama without using bright colors in this type of art form.  They will use a variety of drawing techniques in a sketch.  They will practice sketching using the method of observational drawing and practice the elements of art: line, color, shape/form, texture in a sketch using a stabilio black pencil and black ink marker on a white drawing paper.

A Forest Underwater

Project by Susan Cyr

Students will be introduced to the local kelp forest ecosystem.  They will paint an underwater environment using texture to create interest by experimenting with color mixing and layering. They will gain an understanding of warm and cool colors and how to use silk painting dyes on watercolor paper with directional brush strokes techniques.

Polka Dot Queen

Project by Lee-Jean Lin

Students will learn about Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, and her many forms of art, especially her motif “polka dots”. They will create a sculpture with air dry clay on a foam board and use acrylic paints to color the surface using Kusama’s style, painting dots in interesting patterns and rhythms.