Project by Sue Berliner

The Scream created by Expressionist artist Edvard Munch, is a set of four paintings using paint and pastels in a symbolic way using straight lines, wavy lines, exaggerated shapes and bold colors. Using tempera paint, crayons, oil pastels and water colors students will create their own version of this iconic human figure.


Project by Stephanie Kohler

Students will be introduced to the grid-based abstract paintings of Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian. Based on Mondrian's famous tree series of paintings, students will draw a stylized tree on Masa paper applying oil pastels on negative spaces which acts as a resistance when watered down tempera paint is applied to the paper.

MODIGLIANI-Portrait on Wood

Project by Marianne Coble

Amedeo Modigliani was known for his stylized portraits of people with elongated necks, almond shaped eyes, serene facial expressions all painted in monochromatic colors. Students will learn to layer and build up oil/chalk pastel colors and then blend with a blending stump, creating their own portrait on wood/paper.


Project by Lee-Jean Lin

Students are introduced to the works of one of America’s most influential naturalists and conservationists, John Muir, and the history of the Sequoia National Park. They will create their own vision of the Giant Sequoia Forest from a worm’s eye view (1-point perspective) using watercolors, and acrylic paints.


Project by Rolandas Dabrukas

Inspired by the talented artist and illustrator Rolandas Dabrukas, known for his whimsical, humorous, happy art and children’s book illustrations, students follow a step by step demonstration drawing of a Goldfish using soft colored pencils creating a rich and colorful design resembling a painting.


Project by Marianne Coble

Inspired by the movie, "The Boxtrolls," students are introduced to the movie technique of stop motion animation. They will create their own 3D work of art using a cardboard box, model magic, watercolors and small vintage items.