Rainforest Birds Gone to Seed Fruit
The Magical Tree Daumier Starry SoCal
Inspired by Hunt Slonem's colorful paintings of tropical birds, students will learn to use quick brushstrokes of acrylic paint onto canvas to create their colorful rainforest bird.
Students will create a painting inspired by the abstract prints of Angie Lewin using a variety of painting techniques.
A drawing project that will give students the tools they need to draw a better and understand art in general. The students will learn the use of color and how to make shapes look 3-dimensional on a flat piece of paper.
Students are introduced to the work of Romare Bearden, who was a master printmaker using technique called collagraph. Students will learn to creat a collagraph using shapes and patterns, eventually creating an artistic print.
After looking at the work by Honore Daumier, students will create their own member of the French Parliament in a caricature clay bust. Students will learn basic sculpting techniques to hand build a 3-dimensional art in clay.
Inspired by Van Gogh's iconic painting "Starry Night", students will create an illusion of space and depth by using brushstrokes and movement with acrylic paint and oil pastel for their own interpretation of "Starry Night" at the beach.