Picasso Miro Dragon
Myth and Mystery Amate Heritage Niki's Ark
Not-So-Still Life was created by Erika Snow Robinson and was inspired by the Cubist artist, Picasso. The project uses pastels and a lazy susan that is turned throughout the project so the children look at the still life through different views throughout the project.
A-la-Miro was created by Freddie Benson and was inspired by the Surrealist artist, Joan Miro. The project uses glass paint on actual glass plates which are then covered with gold paint, and then backed-up with black paint to create the rich color and depth
A Dragon by Me was created by Mary De Haven and was inspired by the dragon as seen throughout centuries of Asian art. The project uses watercolors on canvas paper and uniball pens for great detail.
Myth and Mystery was created by Marianne Coble and is inspired by Jesse Reno a modern artist. Reno has been inspired by American Indian art and paints murals, had printed books and even made toys. The project will be multi-media incorporating acrylic paint, pastels on heavyweight paper that you paint with your hand and becomes stronger with the more paint that is applied.
Amate Heritage was created by Brigit Snodgrass and was inspired by the world-famous Mexican painter Diego Rivera. As Rivera often did, the students will capture a bit of their daily life on special bark paper with colorful pastels.
Niki's Ark was created by AnneMarie Rawlinson. These 3D figures are inspired by an artist who designs play structures in public parks all over the country. The figures are made from clay and painted with acrylic paint.