Tiger Cezanne Raphael
Rooftops Comic Vincent
Tiger Tiger Buring Bright created by Freddie Benson has students drawing only facial features of a tiger in "close up", inspiried by Michael David Ward by blending watercolors. They will learn to observe subjects in a different fresh light and see that a portion of any subject can convey the whole subject.
Monte Sainte-Victoire was one of Paul Cezanne's favorite subjects. Created by Vicky Sekits, students will learn to create this landscape in Cezanne's style using gouache paint.
Pouncing with Raphael was created by Mary DeHaven and exposes the students to the pouncing technique used in the fresco preparatory work of artist Raphael. The students will also experience drawing with charcoal.
3-D Rooftops was created by Michelle Solley and inspired by the italian artist Giuliana Lazzerinie. The students will learn about using color, shape and depth to create their own Tuscan landscape using acrylic paint on 3-D layered chip board.
Comic Face Caricature was created by Marianne Coble and is inspired by artist Annibale Caracci the originator of caricautres. Students will learn to creat faces with simple shapes and exaggerated facial features using India ink on drawing paper.
In the Garden with Vincent was created by Mary DeHaven and inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's Irises. The students will alter tempera paint with other medium and achieve texture by using a pallete knife.