Shades and Shadows Kimono Shibori Banner
Red Poppies Matisse Babylonian Seals
Shades & Shadows was created by Nan Young and teach the basics of light and shadow . The students will learn to put depth, through subject placement, and perspective into their drawings. They will create the illusion of high light and low light through shading and shadows. The project includes the use of pencils and oil pastels on dark construction paper.
The kimonos project was created by Marianne Coble and introduces the historyof the kimono in ancient Japan and textile art. The students will sketch their design and trace it with a sharpie marker on to a kimono-shaped watercolor paper then color/paint with aqua pastel crayons.
Shibori Banners was created by Nan Young and teaches students about "shibori", a tradtional Japanese technique for dying textiles by shaping and folding the cloth before is is dried. Students will be using white industrial paper towels for banners and food colors for dyes.
The Red Poppies project was created by Vicky Sekits and was inspired by expressionist painter, Emil Nolde. The students will learn to use wet-on-wet watercolor technique and create poppes with the "bleeding" process.
Matisse was created by Michelle Solley and uses brightly colored paper, scissors and glue sticks to design a creation in the style of Henri Matisse's paper cut-outs. Students will learn freedom of shapes, color balance and contrast, patchwork background and overlapping elements, yet with asymmetrical balance.
Babylonian Seals was created by Mary De Haven and exposes students to Ancient Babylonia. Students will learn carving techniques, use of symbols and graphics. They will carve their initial/name and personal symbols in a bar of soap. and then press the image on to clay, seal with glue and pai twith metallic tempera paint.