Haring Frank Stella Bird in the Hand
Fantasy Voyage Swimming with Leo Through the Looking Glass
Stick to Haring was created by Freddie Benson and inspired by "subway" artist Keith Haring's contemporary style. The project gives students a chance to draw figures in motion on plastic cells and color them with acrylic paint.
Off the Wall with Stella was created by Marianne Coble and inspired by Frank Stella. Students construct an abstact 3-D relief painting on poster board using geometric shapes, brightly colored tempera paint and oil pastels.
Bird in the Hand was created by Birgit Snodgrass and is an adventure in the style of Auguste Rodin. It focuses on the unique dramatic power of the hand. Students will shape cast plaster and feel it dry on their hands and paint them with acrylic paint.
Fantasy Voyage was createed by Marianne Coble and inspired by fantasy artist James Christensen. Students will be taught a guided drawing of a caricature profile sporting a crazy hat in a whimsical ship. The project incorporates colored pencils, watercolor and chalp pastels on canvas paper.
Swimming with Leo was created by Rosine Sorbom and inspired by the art of Leo Lionni from his book Swimming with Leo. Students will invent a water world scene using tempera or acrylic paint on foam pieces by using pressing and stamping methods.
Through the Looking Glass was created by Marianne Coble and utilizes the art technique of Georges Seurat and Gustav Klimt. Students will use mixed-media to paint a picture of an "inside out" garden scene on canvas paper using tempera paint and oil pastels.