Egyptian Tiles Paul Cezanne Go Fish
Peacock StarryNight AmModigliani
Egyptian Tiles was created by Ellen Moe and revisits a popular past project using colored pencils on terra cotta tiles.
Cezanne: Contour, Color & Collage was created by Nan Young and is a still life composition using oil pastels and colorful paper.
Go Fish was created by Freddie Benson and uses a "batik" style rendering using resists and watercolors on silk framed in an embroidery ring.
Tinga Tinga Peacock was created by Birgit Snodgrass and uses a little known African art form using musling and acrylic paint.
Van Gogh's Starry Night was created by Karen Pester and is a guided painting lesson recreating a masterpiece with acrylic paint on canvas board.
Modigliani was created by Marianne Coble and inspired by italian artist Modigliani. The project incorporates monochromatic oil pastels on wood.