Gargoyles Sunflowers Andy Warhol
Collage Impressionism O'Keefe
Gargoyles was created by Marianne Coble. are a prominent feature of Gothic stye. The students learn how gargoyles, which were a prominent feature of Gothic style, were carved using the most basic tools, yet still endure today. The students create their own gargoyle or "monster in stone".
In Sunflowers, created by Karen Pester, the students were introduced to Vincent Van Gogh and his work. He is well know for his depictions of sunflowers. Using Celluclay and acrylic paint, the students created their own sunflower masterpiece in the style of Van Gogh.
Fifteen Minutes of Fame was created by Christine Parker. The students were introduced to the Modern artist, Andy Warhol. He taught us to see art in everday objects. He believed if enough people liked somone's art, they could have their "fifteen minutes of fame". The students created a self-portrait using a photocopy of themselves and acrylic paint.
Marianne Coble created this project inspired by one of America's greatest artist/environmentalists, Ansel Adams. He is known for his stunning photography of the American Landscape. Using a black, white, gray and dark blue pallete, the students created a landscape reflecting the beauty and drama of Ansel Adams' black and white photographs.
Rosine Sorbum created this project to introduce the students to the American Impressionism style of painting. Using Willard Metcalf's "The Poppy Garden" as the motivation, they created their own painting using acrylic paint in this style. They explored the different textures you can create with a paint brush, and became familiar with the terms: shadow, background, foreground and horizon line, among others.
This project on Georgia O'Keeffe was created by Audrey Cotright. O'Keeffe became famous for her depictions of flowers, skulls, mountains and rocks. Tracing a cow skull and placing a flower on the canvas the students learned about composition and experimented by painting in the many shades of white found in the desert.